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3D Printing

Send us your model and choose the technology, we'll care about the rest. Hassle free, quick turnaround!

3D scanning

You have an object and you would like to have a digital model of it? From a statue to a figurine, we can handle that! Or, what about yourself? We are up also to deliver the ultimate selfie.

3D modelling

Not everyone is confident in creating their own 3D model. CAD software can be daunting at times. Well, don't worry, we can deal with that. Give us some mechanical drawings, a sketch or even just an idea and we will do the rest. The engineering skills and design experience of our team can solve your problem.

Sample image


Do you want to include 3D printing in your business? Maybe you want quick tangible prototypes for your design iteration or you want the freedom to run your small batch manufacturing. We can help you choose the right equipment and train your staff on how to use it at best. We can also run educational courses on 3D printing at your company.

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